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SplitFire Less Lethal Tactical System

Law enforcement and military personnel need the right tool, with the right projectile, to handle dynamic situations in high-stress operations. The SplitFire provides the accuracy, reliability, and flexibility to meet changing demands with exactly the force required.
Offensive/Defensive Applications
• Guard, Patrol, Security Details
• Capsaicin Munitions
• Rubber "Kinetic" Munitions
• UV/Traditional Marking Dyes
• Precise Suspect Neutralization
• Minimum Collateral Damage/Injury
• 100 Meter Range for Operator Safety
• Window-Breaching Munitions
• UV/Traditional Marking Dyes
• De-Escalate High-Speed Pursuits
• Safely Extract Barricaded Suspects
• Minimum Collateral Damage/Injury
• 100 Meter Range for Operator Safety
The SplitFire can mark or incapacitate a suspect of any size, strength, or age, up to 100 meters away...affording your personnel a greater degree of safety and effectiveness than other less-lethal options. The SplitFire can hold in excess of 200 rounds of specialized ammunition, and features standard tactical rails for mounting scopes, illuminators, lasers, and other devices.

Dual-Munitions Flexibility

The SplitFire is the only less lethal system that allows users to instantly switch projectile types without taking their hands off their weapon or averting their eyes. For patrol work the SplitFire utilizes a spring-fed 18-round magazine. For riot control and other extreme duty, it accepts a 200 round hopper.

The tactical advantage comes when using both ammunition feed systems in unison. A dial at the chamber controls which ammunition source loads the SplitFire, enabling personnel to carry two different types of ammunition simultaneously and instantly switch from one to the other and back again as the scenario evolves.

SplitFire Advantages

• Ergonomically Identical to M4
• Use In Any Borrowed, Rented Facility
• Visual, Kinetic Feedback
• Train With Non-Staining Water Balls
• Train With Inexpensive Paintballs
• Ergonomically Identical to M4
• Accessory Interchangeability with M4
• Wide Range Of Tactical Projectiles
• Rugged, All-Environment Construction
• Use Standard, Refillable Compressed
  Air and CO2 Tanks
The SplitFire is ergonomically identical to standard-issue M4 carbines, allowing your personnel to train with and field a less-lethal arm identical to their duty rifle. The SplitFire handles and points like their duty rifle, and accepts the same tactical rail-mounted accessories for maximum cross-compatibility of skills, training, and familiarity. When you train like you're going to fight, or need less-lethal equipment in a fight, you need the SplitFire.

Technical Specifications

Operation Type: Semi-Automatic
Ammunition Type: .68 Rubber, Capsaicin, Ceramic, UV Marking, Paint Marking, Training
Ammunition Source: 18-Round Magazine and/or 200 Round Hopper
Range: +/- 100 Meters
Velocity: +/- 430fps
Propellant: Refillable, Onboard Compressed Air/CO2 Tank
Stock: Collapsible, Multi-Position
Sights: Adjustable Metallic, Accepts All Optics
Warranty: 5-Year Factory Warranty on Parts and Materials
Features: Externally identical to M4 carbine, internal Flexi-Air System for propellant, accepts standard ½-inch threaded compressed air/CO2 bottles, accepts virtually all tactical rail-mounted accessories.

RAP4 is recognized as a leader in compressed air-powered marking technology, with patented innovations for military and law enforcement tools and industry-leading paintball sport equipment. Headquartered in San Jose, California, RAP4 has distributors across America and around the world. Trained staff members are available by phone or in person for consultations, and to troubleshoot or train your personnel on use of their equipment.


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